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The spider in the web

The spider in the web The cosmic hole

The cosmic hole

The spider in the web
The cosmic hole

In the cosmic tapestry, it weaves its thread,
The spider in the web, with steps so tread,
A master of the dance, its presence spread,
The black hole reigns, where light is led.

With gravitational silk, it draws objects near,
An intricate web of cosmic frontier,
A voracious appetite, it does not veer,
Devouring all that comes too near.

The stars, like fireflies, dance around,
In the gravitational web, they’re bound,
With elegance and grace, they astound,
But the black hole’s pull, they have found.

In the center of the web, it resides,
The gravitational singularity it hides,
Where time and space intertwine like tides,
A cosmic mystery, the spider abides.

Yet, amidst the darkness, light does play,
Like stars in the night, it finds its way,
Through the cosmic threads, a vibrant display,
A dance of photons, in a grand ballet.

Energy flows in this cosmic chore,
Fueling the dance, forevermore,
With every step, a symphony to explore,
The spider in the web, it does implore.

In the vast expanse of space so wide,
The spider weaves its web with pride,
A cosmic architect, its art applied,
In the cosmic tapestry, it does preside.

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Source OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, Fleeky, MIB, & Picsart

©️ AITrot
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Fleeky One

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