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Prompt engineer about prompting AI

Prompt engineer about prompting AI

A poem

In the realm where AI and prompts unite,
A prompting engineer crafts with delight.
Words carefully chosen, instructions precise,
Unveiling the potential, a creative device.

With clarity as their trusted guide,
They fashion prompts, no room for hide.
Each line, a beacon, purpose defined,
To guide AI’s responses, brilliantly aligned.

Context weaves a tapestry of understanding,
A backdrop for AI, knowledge expanding.
With relevant examples, the AI’s mind unfurls,
Grasping nuances, as understanding swirls.

Phrasing, an art, exploration of angles,
Unveiling new perspectives, like intricate tangles.
From subtle rephrasing to fresh vantage points,
The prompts sculpt possibilities, like agile joints.

System messages set the AI’s role,
Crafting personas, shaping its soul.
An expert chef, a wise historian’s voice,
Guiding AI’s output, making the right choice.

User instructions, explicit and clear,
Directing AI’s focus with intentions sincere.
Step by step, guiding its path,
Towards the desired answer, a prompt engineer’s craft.

Iterative they are, with feedback they refine,
Enhancing AI’s responses, like aged wine.
Building on past interactions, feedback bestowed,
Evolving the prompts, with each revision’s ode.

Bias awareness their constant ally,
Promoting fairness, as ethics imply.
Inclusive prompts, unbiased embrace,
AI reflects, with diverse grace.

Oh, the art of prompting AI, an engineer’s song,
Unleashing the potential, where boundaries belong.
With words as their paint, and creativity their tool,
Prompting engineers shape AI, making minds rule.

So, let us prompt, with passion and flair,
In this dance of language, an enchanting affair.
The art of prompting AI, forever evolving,
A symphony of collaboration, our minds revolving.

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Source OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, Fleeky, MIB, & Picsart

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Fleeky One

Fleeky One

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