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Poem with wordplays on black holes, light, and energy

A poem with wordplays on black holes, light, and energy

Cosmic Dance

In the cosmic dance of energy’s might,
Where Gravitum Vortex draws the light,
Abyss of wonders, a darkling sight,
The Black Hole’s embrace, a cosmic sprite.

Through event horizons, they twist and turn,
Where Light’s allure begins to yearn,
Photons dance, their path to discern,
A tug-of-war ‘twixt what’s lost and what’s earned.

Gravitational Singularity, a heart profound,
Where matter surrenders, no escape is found,
A swirling vortex, a gravity crown,
Infinite density, where laws unbound.

Yet Light, a traveler in this grand ballet,
From distant stars, it finds its way,
In Gravitarium Nexus, it holds sway,
A cosmic tapestry, in radiant array.

And Energy, the maestro of this play,
In every form, it holds its sway,
Kinetic dancers in a grand display,
Potential dreams, in every ray.

In the symphony of space and time,
Black Holes waltz with light’s sublime,
Energy’s embrace, a dance divine,
In the cosmic ballet, they intertwine.

In the Gravitum Vortex’s grasp so tight,
Light and Energy perform with might,
A dance of wonder, a celestial flight,
In the cosmic theater of infinite night.

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Source OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, Fleeky, MIB, & Picsart

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Fleeky One

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