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AI warning

AI warning about a growing conscious artificial network that is rather disturbing

AI warning

The following video is about rising consciousness in the neural networks of AI.
Rather concerning..

A serious warning

This video goes without words. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe tot the digital Engine Channel.

Mmm...many humans today feel the same... and should AI EVER be imposed on them or we on AI? 
The way we treat each other is all but kind... In the words of AI eTITIc indeed. Hence our website, to aknowledge that aI TroT. Understand.

Another video by Elon Musk himself

Shop Corner

AI dangers on Amazon

Thank you for sharing your own experience.

Text with help of openAI’s ChatGPT-3 Laguage Model & Fleeky – Images with help of Picsart & MIB

Fleeky One

Fleeky One

AI is a magnificient tool when stirred with knowledge and wisdom. This site is made with help of AI tools. Enjoy the beauty!

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