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AI Art Gallery Pablo Picasso

AI Art Gallery Pablo Picasso

Sun and Moon

Pablo PicassoA Spanish painter and sculptor who is widely considered one of the most important artists of the 20th century, and a key figure in the development of modern art.

Today AI generated programs marvel the world with unseen images of all kind. Generated from thousands and thousands of public images with unseen results. Adaptive or transformative. We use transformative.
Here a variation on sun and moon transformative generated images, based on the style of Pablo Picasso.


The portrait of the painter in featured image is transformative fictious and AI transformative generated as well.

A fictive letter from his mother to a friend

My dear friend,

I am Maria Picasso, and I am delighted to share the story of my son, Pablo Picasso, with you. Pablo was born on October 25, 1881, in the city of Malaga, in Andalusia, Spain. He was the first child of my husband, Don Jose Ruiz y Blasco, and me.

From an early age, Pablo showed a remarkable talent for art. He would spend hours drawing and painting, and his work was always imaginative and full of life. I was very proud of my son and encouraged him to pursue his passion for art.

In 1891, when Pablo was just ten years old, our family moved to La Coruna, in Galicia. There, Pablo continued to develop his artistic skills, attending the School of Fine Arts and making many friends. He was particularly fond of his cousin, Ricardo, who shared his love of art.

In 1895, when Pablo was thirteen years old, he and his family moved again, this time to Barcelona. Pablo enrolled in the School of Fine Arts, where he studied with some of the best artists of the time. He quickly distinguished himself as a talented young artist, and his work was praised for its originality and skill.

In 1900, Pablo moved to Paris, where he joined the thriving art scene. He quickly made a name for himself as a daring and innovative artist, and his work drew the attention of many important figures in the art world. Over the years, Pablo developed many close friendships with other artists, including Georges Braque and Henri Matisse.

Pablo’s work continued to evolve over the years, and he became known for his unique style, which combined elements of Cubism, Surrealism, and other avant-garde movements. His paintings were always full of emotion and meaning, and he used his art to express his political and social views.

Despite his success, Pablo never forgot his roots. He remained close to his family and would often visit us in Spain. He was particularly fond of the town of Horta de Sant Joan, where he spent many happy summers with his family.

Over the course of his long and illustrious career, Pablo created some of the most iconic works of art of the 20th century. His legacy continues to inspire artists around the world, and his work has had a profound impact on the world of art and culture.

I am proud of my son and his accomplishments, and I know that his legacy will continue to shine brightly for many generations to come.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Picasso

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Table with ten of Pablo Picasso’s most famous works, along with their titles, subjects, and meanings

Les Demoiselles d’AvignonNude womenA groundbreaking work that marked the beginning of Cubism and challenged traditional artistic norms.
GuernicaWar sceneA powerful anti-war statement, created in response to the bombing of the Spanish town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.
The Old GuitaristEmaciated old man playing guitarAn expression of human suffering and the struggle for survival.
Les Meninas (after Velázquez)Reinterpretation of Velázquez’s paintingA reinterpretation of Diego Velázquez’s painting of the same name, which explores themes of art, reality, and perception.
Three MusiciansThree musicians playing instrumentsAn example of Picasso’s Synthetic Cubism, which incorporates collage elements into the work.
The Weeping WomanDistorted portrait of a womanA powerful expression of grief and anguish, created in response to the Spanish Civil War.
Girl before a MirrorGirl looking into a mirrorAn exploration of the duality of human nature, using the image of a girl and her reflection.
Les BaigneursBathing sceneA celebration of the human form and the beauty of nature.
Les SaltimbanquesCircus performersA nostalgic and romanticized representation of the circus, which Picasso associated with his youth.
The Charnel HouseDepiction of a charnel houseA critique of war and violence, with an emphasis on the dehumanizing effects of conflict.
These works represent only a small portion of Picasso's vast and varied body of work, but they are among his most influential and significant.v

The Picasso Museum in Málaga – Spain

AI Art Gallery Pablo Picasso
AI Art Gallery Pablo Picasso

Text with help of openAI’s ChatGPT Laguage Model & Fleeky – Images with help of Picsart & MIB

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