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Sun Moon street art gallery

What is street art

Street art is a form of visual art that is created in public spaces, typically in urban environments, and is often displayed without permission or official sanction. It is a distinct art form that has emerged from graffiti culture, but it encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions beyond traditional graffiti.

Characterized by its accessibility and visibility to the public, street art seeks to engage with the community and challenge the traditional confines of art galleries and museums. Street artists use various techniques, such as stenciling, murals, wheatpasting (affixing printed artwork to surfaces using a wheat-based adhesive), and installations, to transform public spaces into artistic canvases.

Street art can convey powerful social and political messages, comment on local issues, or simply add color and creativity to an otherwise mundane urban landscape. It often blurs the lines between art and activism, as artists use their work to raise awareness about important social, cultural, and environmental concerns.

While some street art is considered illegal because it is created without permission on public or private property, the art form has gained widespread recognition and acceptance in many places around the world. Cities like Berlin, London, New York City, and Melbourne have become known for their vibrant street art scenes, and many local governments now commission street artists to create public murals and beautify public spaces legally.

Street art has also given rise to renowned artists who have transitioned from the streets to galleries, gaining international acclaim for their unique style and creativity. However, the transient nature of street art remains a defining characteristic, as artworks are subject to removal, weathering, or being painted over by other artists, making it an ever-changing and dynamic form of artistic expression.

Best know artists

Street art has produced numerous talented and influential artists who have gained recognition both within the street art community and in the wider art world. Here are some of the best-known street artists:

  • Banksy: Perhaps the most famous street artist in the world, Banksy’s identity remains unknown. His politically charged and thought-provoking stenciled artworks have appeared in various cities, and his work often carries powerful social and political messages.
  • Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant): Shepard Fairey gained widespread recognition for his iconic “Hope” poster featuring Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. His artwork often incorporates political themes and social commentary.
  • JR: JR is known for his large-scale photographic murals that portray ordinary people from around the world. His work often addresses themes of identity, community, and social justice.
  • Invader: Invader is renowned for creating pixelated mosaic artwork inspired by classic video games. He installs these mosaics in public spaces worldwide and has gained a reputation as one of the pioneers of street art.
  • ROA: This Belgian artist is celebrated for his large-scale, black-and-white animal murals that can be found on walls across the globe. His work often highlights the relationship between humans and nature.
  • Swoon: Swoon is recognized for her intricate wheatpasted portraits and figures. Her art often addresses themes of human vulnerability and community.
  • Vhils (Alexandre Farto): Vhils is known for his unique technique of carving into walls, using drills and chisels to create stunning portraits and images. His work often explores the impact of urbanization on society.
  • Faith47: Faith47 is a South African artist who creates striking murals with themes of spirituality, femininity, and socio-political issues.
  • Aiko (Lady Aiko): Aiko is a prominent female street artist known for her vibrant, Japanese-inspired artworks that often explore themes of femininity and sexuality.
  • Borondo: Borondo is a Spanish artist known for his expressive, large-scale murals that often incorporate a mix of realistic and abstract elements.

These artists, among many others, have significantly contributed to the evolution and recognition of street art as a legitimate and influential art form. Their work continues to inspire and provoke conversations about art, society, and urban environments worldwide.

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Comparison table

Table comparing some of the best-known street artists, including their origins, notable artworks, and characteristics

ArtistOriginsNotable ArtworksCharacteristics
BanksyUnknown– Girl with a Balloon– Political and social commentary through stenciled works.
– Anonymity; often controversial and provocative.
Shepard FaireyUnited States– Hope (Barack Obama poster)– Iconic and bold imagery with political and social themes.
(Obey Giant)– Andre the Giant Has a Posse– Influenced by propaganda and pop culture.
JRFrance– Women Are Heroes– Large-scale photographic murals; focuses on everyday people and human connections.
– Inside Out Project– Advocates for social change through art and community involvement.
InvaderFrance– Space Invader mosaics– Pixelated mosaic artworks inspired by retro video games.
ROABelgium– Giant black-and-white animal– Intricate and detailed animal murals.
murals in various cities– Themes of human impact on nature and coexistence with animals.
SwoonUnited States– Submerged Motherlands– Elaborate, wheat-pasted portraits and figurative works.
– Thalassa– Emphasizes human vulnerability and community connections.
VhilsPortugal– Carved portraits on walls– Unique technique of carving into walls using drills and chisels.
– Dissection series– Explores urbanization and the human condition.
Faith47South Africa– The Psychic Power of Animals– Spiritual and feminine themes; often focuses on socio-political issues.
– Vultures– Multilayered and visually compelling works.
Aiko (LadyJapan– Geisha series– Colorful, Japanese-inspired murals with themes of femininity and sexuality.
Aiko)– Collaborations with other artists– Often incorporates a mix of traditional Japanese and contemporary street art elements.
BorondoSpain– Self-Portrait– Expressive, large-scale murals that blend realism and abstraction.
– Animal series– Emotionally charged and thought-provoking works.

Please note that the list of artworks and characteristics is not exhaustive, as these artists have created numerous other influential pieces and continue to produce new works that captivate audiences around the world.

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Kaleidoscope of Urban Expressions

A litterary street art composition that expresses a wide range of artistic expressions

In the city’s heart, where concrete meets sky,

A symphony of words and colors dance on walls high.
A literary street art canvas unfurls its wings,
As artists’ voices rise, and creativity sings.

Beneath the moon’s glow, stencils whisper stories,
Of dreamers and lovers, seekers of glories.
Banksy’s political rhymes blend with Fairey’s decree,
As voices unite for a world that’s truly free.

JR’s photographic verse reveals tales untold,
Faces of strangers, their struggles unfold.
Through eyes that shimmer, humanity connects,
In every line etched, empathy reflects.

Invader’s mosaics pixelate the night,
An homage to memories, old games take flight.
ROA’s creatures in monochrome pause,
Their gaze speaks of harmony, nature’s applause.

Swoon’s wheat-pasted souls, ethereal, divine,
Across city walls, they gracefully shine.
Vhils’ chiseled poetry etched deep in stone,
Unearthing stories of lives, once unknown.

Faith47’s murals, a spiritual trance,
Her brush strokes an anthem of hope’s last chance.
Aiko’s geishas dance with grace and might,
As femininity blooms in the ink of the night.

Borondo’s masterpieces, emotions set free,
A blend of realism and abstraction they be.
In this kaleidoscope of artistic hues,
A city’s heartbeat resonates with the muse.

So, wander these streets, where art takes flight,
In literary whispers, stories ignite.
Each brushstroke, a chapter, an urban reflection,
In this symphony of words and visual affection.

In the heart of the city, its essence expressed,
A tapestry of cultures, beautifully dressed.
Kaleidoscope of Urban Expressions, the title we proclaim,
A masterpiece of creativity, forever to remain.

Keep shining with those ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Text with help of openAI’s ChatGPT Laguage Models & Fleeky – Images with help of Picsart & MIB

Fleeky One

Fleeky One

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